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NEXT EVO 66BTA w/batteries charger

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Control panel with operator presence safety system.

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User friendly analogic control panel. Control lever for brush operation and detergent water outflow. ON/OFF battery cutout key switch, detergent regulation device. Thermal circuit breaker to protect vacuum motor and brush motor, battery charge lever indicator. Hour meter, water tank lever indicator. Detergent regulation device. Automatic brush lifting Fully accessible recovery water tank with visual inspection Automatic detergent measuring system. Big size traction wheels. Handle with control lever Technical characteristics RPM / pressure on the brushes 175/33 RPM/Kg Detergent solution system solenoid valve Depression / Vacuum motor 1100 / 370 mmH2O/W Working width 660 mm Squegee width 900 mm Max working capacity 2640 m2/h Detergent tank capacity 55 l / 14.5 gal l Recovery tank capacity stop/total 55-65 l / 14.52 – 17.17 gal l Traction automatic Brush motor power 400 x 2 W Traction motor power 200 W Power supply 24V