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JUKI – MO-50e

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OVERLOCK 1/2 needles – 3/4 threads, tension adjustment with in-line knobs

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OVERLOCK 1/2 needles – 3/4 threads, tension adjustment with in-line knobs, differential transport and stitch extension, automatic roll, automatic threading of the lower hook, simplified threading with colour coding, retractable upper knife, adjustable lower knife, cut-outs container. Speed 1300 stitches/min.



Manufacturer: Juki

Product type: Overlock

Display: no

Sewing light: Incandescent lamp

Upper thread tension: standard, mechanically adjustable

Needle threader: mechanical manual

Sewing foot type: Snap-on foot

Sewing foot up/down: manual

machine weight: 7,5 kg

Machine width/depth/height: W: 29.5 cm / D: 29.0 cm / H: 29.5 cm

Sewing consultant: No

2-thread seam wide: Yes

2-thread seam narrow: yes

3-thread overlock seam wide: Yes

3-thread overlock seam narrow: Yes

4-thread overlock seam: Yes

Roller hem seam: Yes

Chain stitch: No

Double cover seam narrow: No

Double cover seam wide: No

Triple cover stitching: No

Cover seam/top cover seam: No

Threading: Colour markings & hook threading aid

Differential transport: Yes

Switch off the knife: Yes

Adjustable cutting width: Yes

Flatlock wide: Yes