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Simple and intuitive control panel, quick coupling steam gun, main ON/OFF switch with indicator light,

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Simple and intuitive control panel, quick coupling steam gun, main ON/OFF switch with indicator light, boiler heating element activation light, steam flow regulator, steam ready indicator light, steam pressure gauge. Steam gun with integrated steam/detergent function activation button and quick coupling of accessories. Boiler stop safety sensor for lack of water. Lack of water indicator light and full water tank. Water pump activation indicator light. Detergent pump activation light. Water/detergent selector key. Boiler emptying button. Unlimited autonomy thanks to the continuous boiler feeding, it allows to top up the water in the tank without having to switch off the machine and interrupt the work with great time saving in the operating phase. Boiler at 9 bar with temperature at 175°C with saturated steam.

Equipped with 2 pumps, boiler, detergent. Maximum safety thanks to 1 safety thermostat, 1 pressure switch and 1 mechanical maximum pressure valve. Drain valve for complete emptying of the boiler, eliminating water residues and limescale formation, extending the life of the boiler. Equipped with 4 swivel wheels suitable for food environments. Double tank, 10 litres water and 5 litres detergent. Rich and complete range of accessories.

Fields of application:

– Food & beverage: food industry, catering, beverage, wineries and wine industry.

– Hospitality, community and health care: hotels, buildings, sports centres, gyms, wellness centres, schools and communities, hospitals. – Industry: industrial plants, transport, car washes, car dealerships.


Saturated steam at 9 bar at a temperature of 175°C – Steam gun with low voltage controls – AISI 304 stainless steel body – Boiler 8 kW in AISI 304 stainless steel, thickness 25/10 – Complete heating and activation phase: 6 min – Steam regulation – Manometer – Device for the use of chemical products mixed with steam – Continuous feeding of the boiler through the special tank – Rotating wheels with brake, suitable for use in food environments.


Standard equipment:

– 6,402,0080 3.5 m pipe

– • 6.402.0082

– • 6.402.0081

– • 6.402.0083

– • 6.405.0207

– • 6.402.0046

– • 6.402.0069

– 4,407,0033 Steam nozzle


– 6,402,0087 Steam gun with hose (6 m)

– 6,402,0085 Steam gun with hose (10 m)

– 6,402,0093 Steam gun with hose (15 m)

– 6,402,0092 Straight lance mm 750 without nozzle

– 6,405,0197 Garolda connection for tanks Ø 40

– 6,402,0094 Lance extension 650 mm

– 6,402,0097 Flat nozzle lance

– 6,402,0098 Brass brush bristles Ø 80

– 6,402,0112 Steam lance for barrels