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Control panel with operator presence safety system.

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Control panel with operator presence safety system. Low level battery indicator: brush/vacuum and traction progressive cut off. Solution water filter and solenoid valve Easy access to the battery compartment. Quick and easily inspectable drain recovery tank. Non-marking wheels. Roto-molded polyethylene tanks, shock and acid resistant. The lower tank also serves as battery compartment. Low noise operation thanks to the protected positioning of vacuum motor Powerful gearmotor; metal brush plate with integrated plastic splash guard/bumper. The outflow of the detergent solution is controlled by a solenoid valve. The actuation of the solenoid valve is operated by the control lever, avoiding the outflow detergent solution when the brush is stopped during the interruptions of work. Renovated with new squeegee pressure adjusting system. The squeegee blades are easily replaceable without the use of tools. Quick and easy coupling squeegee through the two large knobs; the squeegee is released without any damage in the event of accidental impact. Filter Mesh to retain possible solid pieces, protects the solenoid valve. The filter also has the function of regulating the outflow of the cleaning solution; screwing the transparent cover increases the amount of flow, while unscrewing the cover reduces the flow Technical characteristics RPM / pressure on the brushes 150RPM/20 RPM/Kg Detergent solution system solenoid valve Depression / Vacuum motor 1700/1000 mmH2O/W Voltage 230V-50Hz Working width 500 mm Squegee width 800 mm Max working capacity 2000 m2/h Detergent tank capacity 44 l Recovery tank capacity stop/total 50-60 l Traction mechanical Brush motor power 550 W Power supply 230V-50Hz