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LAVOR – Ash vacuum cleaner – FREDDY 4IN1

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Designed to suck the ashes from all types of fireplaces

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Designed to suck the ashes from all types of fireplaces, stoves and barbecues. It is also possible to suck up both dust in general and debris of various kinds or liquids.


WARNING: does not vacuum hot ashes, lit embers.



Silenced motor with double electric insulation.


Suction system with by-pass cooling.


Steel drum.


Complete accessory equipment both for dust and liquids and ashes suction.


Washable cartridge filter.



Power 1200 Watt max

Depression 180 mbar

Depression 18 kPa

Suction power 40 l/s

Drum volume 20 litres

Weight 7 Kg

Packaging dimensions 39 x 37 h 45 cm

Filter shaker S