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4-pole electric motor (1.450 RPM) with thermal protection and water cooling

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4-pole electric motor (1.450 RPM) with thermal protection and water cooling Linear pump unit with nickel-plated brass head and high temperature seals, 3 ceramic pistons and low-voltage delayed Total Stop by-pass valve Stainless steel inlet and discharge valves Vertical boiler with high-efficiency steel coil Auxiliary motor for boiler ventilation and diesel fuel pump with exhaust by-pass Temperature regulator with high-sensitivity stainless steel sensor Diesel fuel reserve light with flow interruption Safety valve Water supply tank with anti-scale device Control panel with low-voltage controls High pressure detergent suction with integrated tank (22 litres) Diesel fuel tank (22 litres)


Working pressure: 250 bar Flow rate: 900 litres/h Power consumption: 15 litres/min Power consumption: 8,7 Kw Voltage: 400V – 50Hz Motor revs: 1.450 RPM Detergent tank: 22 lt Diesel tank: 22 lt Antiscale tank: 2,4 lt Heating power: 88 Kw Fuel consumption: 6,6 l/h Maximum inlet temperature: 40 C Motor pump type: MPWJ5 Ni Dimensions: 130 x 78 x 115 cm Weight: 191 Kg Equipment M22 – 3/8 gun with swivel connection. 700 mm lance with M22 connection Nozzle 040 High pressure R2 hose (10 meters) Power cable (5 meters)