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Overlocker1/2 needles – 2/3/4 threads, in-line thread tension adjustment

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Overlocker1/2 needles – 2/3/4 threads, in-line thread tension adjustment, differential transport and stitch extension, automatic roll, needle plate with double index for hem, easy threading of the lower hook, simplified threading with colour coding, retractable upper knife, adjustable lower knife, cut-outs container. Max speed 1500 stitches/min.

Caratteristiche tecniche

Manufacturer: Juki

Product type: Overlock

Operation: mechanical selector wheel

Display: no

Sewing light: Incandescent lamp

Upper thread tension: standard, mechanically adjustable

needle threader: not available

Sewing foot type: Snap-on foot

Sewing foot up/down: manual

Machine weight: 7 kg

Machine width/depth/height: W: 27 cm / D: 29,5 cm / H: 34,5 cm

Sewing consultant: No

Maximum thread count: 4

2-thread seam wide: Yes

2-thread seam narrow: yes

3-thread overlock seam wide: Yes

3-thread overlock seam narrow: Yes

4-thread overlock seam: Yes

Roller hem seam: Yes

Chain stitch: No

Double cover seam narrow: No

Double cover seam wide: No

Triple cover stitching: No

Cover seam/top cover seam: No

Threading: Colour markings

Differential transport: Yes

Switch off the knife: Yes

Flatlock wide: Yes

Flatlock narrow: Yes