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JUKI – MCS-1500N

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The JUKI Coverlock MCS-1500 offers you the best conditions for perfect seams and hems

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The JUKI Coverlock MCS-1500 offers you the best conditions for perfect seams and hems .in just one step you get a professional finish. The JUKI Coverlock MCS-1500 is the perfect complement to your JUKI overlock machine. Cover stitches are possible with 3 or 4 threads in a width of 2.5mm to 5mm, as well as chain stitches with 2 threads. With this selection, fabrics of any characteristics can be processed effortlessly: highly elastic fabrics such as for sportswear or lingerie as well as knitted and jersey fabrics. You can also use the chain stitch wonderfully for solid fabrics such as canvas for home accessories like cushions.

The looper threading aid, the differential feed and the adjustable presser foot pressure: these are important features of the JUKI Coverlock MCS-1500, which offers you every comfort and easy operation.

You will notice: The JUKI Coverlock MCS-1500 opens up new possibilities to give your creativity more and more professional sewing: Sewing with industrial quality. And quality is a top priority at JUKI. With a speed of 1300 stitches/min. the JUKI Coverlock MCS-1500 purrs quietly and quickly over your sewing projects with the familiar “JUKI Motor SOUND

Caratteristiche tecniche

Stitch length max. 4 mm

Stitch width 2,5mm/5mm

Sewing foot lift Ventilation in 2 steps

Needles 130/705H

Sewing speed 1300 stitches/min.

Dimensions (W x H x D) 270 x 305 x 245 mm

Weight 7,0kg